Natto and Onsen Tamago

Prep-time: 30 mins

Natto and Onsen Tamago

Natto and Onsen Tamago


1. 1 Packet of Natto
2. 1 Egg
3. Soy sauce
4. Dashi soup stock
5. Green onions (optional)


The hardest part about this recipe is making the onsen tamago. The easiest way is to purchase them at your local Japanese super market, but not all carry them. If you type in “how to make onsen tamago” into google, you will see that there are several different approaches of making it. But the way I managed to make my onsen tamago is as follows:

1. Bring eggs to room temperature (set on counter for about 20mins).
2. Using a thermometer, set the water to about 70-75 degrees Celsius (158-167 f).
3. Place eggs in the water and let it sit for 25-30mins.
4. Remove eggs from water and place and cold water for about a minute.
5. Gently crack the egg into dashi soup stock with a little soy sauce.

Onsen Tamaga

A successful onsen tamaga

Once you got you onsen tamago, place it into a bowl with natto, rice and some green onions and enjoy!

One Response to “Natto and Onsen Tamago”

  1. Julia says:

    I love onsen tamago!! It its good on anything… especially with natto 🙂